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milky way minis 227g

Model No.: 945670
Product Name: milky way minis 227g
Product Origin: Germany
Standard: QUALITY
Brand Name: TWIX
FOB Price: USD 3 /CASE
Min. Order: 234 CASE
PriceTerms: D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100000 cases per Month
Detailed Product Description:

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raffaello t15x6 - 150g
raffaello t24x6 bialy maj - 240g
raffaello t23x8 - 230g
raffaello t4x16x4 - 40g

kinder surprise t1x72 - 20g
kinder joy
kinder maxi t1x36x8 - 21g
kinder maxi t6x20 - 126g
kinder country t1x40 - 23.5g
kinder country t4x20 - 94g
kinder bueno t2x30 - 43g
kinder bueno mini t20x18 - 108g
kinder delice kakao t1x20 - 42g
kinder delice kokos t1x20 - 42g
kinder k.mleczna kanapka t1x20 - 28g
kinder mleczna kanapka t1x40 - 28g
kinder pingui kokos t1x30 - 30g
kinder pingui kakao t1x30 - 30g
kinder pingui kakao t8x6 - 240g
kinder maxi king t1x30 - 35g

tic tac intense mint t1x24x12 t37 - 18g
tic tac mint t1x24x12 t37 - 18g
tic tac orange t1x24x12 t37 - 18g
tic tac strawberry mix t1x24x12 t37 - 18g

tic tac mint t100x24 t100 - 49g
tic tac orange t100x24 t100 - 49g
tic tac strawberry mix t100x24 t100 - 49g
tic tac bialo-czerwony t1x24x12 - 49g
tic tac bialo-czerwony t100x12x2 - 49g
tic tac bialo-czerwony t100x24 - 49g

halls cough drops

halls extra strong 33,5g
halls menthol 33,5g
halls vita - c orange 33,5g
halls vita - c lime 33,5g

mentos mint 38g.
mentos fruit 38g.
mentos strawberry 38g.
mentos spearmint 38g.
mentos rainbow 38g.
mentos apple 38g.
mentos tutti frutt 38g.

toblerone milk 100g
toblerone white 100g
toblerone fruit&nuts 100g
toblerone dark 100g
toblerone milk 200g
toblerone mini milk 200g
toblerone mini white 200g

Twix Minis Pouch 500 gr.
Twix Single 50 gr.
Twix Miniatures boxed 260 gr.
Twix 5-pack 250 gr.
Twix 8-pack 400 gr.
Twix Miniatures Bag 220 gr.
Twix miniatures 2,5kg
Twix xtra 75g
Twix minis 227g

bounty minis 227g
milky way minis 227g

maltesers 37g
bounty miniatures 2,5kg

m&ms candies & maltesers candies

m&ms chocolate 45g
m&ms peanut 45g
m&ms chocolate 90g
m&ms peanut 90g
m&ms chocolate 150g
m&ms peanut 150g
m&ms chocolate 250g
m&ms peanut 250g

princessa waffers

princessa milk 35g
princessa coconut 33g
princessa peanut 35g
princessa longa milk 46g
princessa longa coconut 44g
princessa longa peanut 46g

lion bars

lion 42g
lion white 42g
lion peanut 40g
lion 2pack 60g

kit kat bars & candies

kit kat pop choc 140g
kit kat chunky 40g
kit kat chunky white 40g
kit kat chunky peanut butter 42g
kit kat chunky xtra break 48g
kit kat 4 fingers 45g

AND other collections

Chew Candy

Candy Type:high quality and good taste chocolate /milk candy

Candy Taste:Sweety

Candy Feature:sugar

Candy Flavor:chocolate/milk

Candy Shape:bar/stick

Shelf Life : Fresh stock

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